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When I want to take a break from making music, I like to write about what I have learned on my musical journey... So I started this blog where I'll be covering a various range of topics more or less related to lofi and chillhop, hoping it will help somebody else with their hustle.

Yo, May's here! The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and bees are buzzing everywhere around... and couples are rushing to kiss under blossoming trees dressed up in face masks so they don't catch that crazy virus... and basically love is in the air! And all those things kinda made me inspired to put together...

In the second installment of the "VPICLW" series, we're gonna take a closer look at a plugin that a lot of lofi producers who work with a DAW could find extremely handy. Yes, it's a sampler plugin, and here's why I now can't live without it.

So you have decided to start making your own lofi hip hop beats. Maybe you already have some experience playing instruments or making music, maybe you . But you are here, and that clearly means you want to know something about making your own lofi beats

A monthly selection of the six "best" beats that caught my ears the most amongst all the past month's submissions is here again! It's always hard to choose just six of them and sometimes it's as close as a coin flip, but here they are, waiting for your ears! Big ups to everyone who submitted their beats and congratulations to this month's winners!...

Especially if you're used to submitting your music into Spotify playlists, you've certainly encountered a Toneden Unlock link at some point - a link that shows you the popup window prompting you to sign in with your Spotify login and then asking you to follow the artist/playlist/whatever in order to unlock the "secret" link for a submission form.

Lofi hip hop culture seems to be quite interlinked with the cannabis one, and it's no wonder. Those slow, chilled-out beats can go really well with that pleasant high, unleashing the ultimate relaxational combo. And while I could write a whole another blog post on the topic, this one has a bit different purpose. Today, I want to celebrate the...

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