Nine Lush Lofi Beats To Fall In Love With In The Month of May


Yo, May's here! The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and bees are buzzing everywhere around... and couples are rushing to kiss under blossoming trees dressed up in face masks so they don't catch that crazy virus... and basically love is in the air! And all those things kinda made me inspired to put together another small "themed" compilation of beats, that were all made with love, to be best enjoyed when in love.

eery - her

Joey Pecoraro - Your Eyes

Tomppabeats - So in Luv

Jinsang - Smile From U.

Pao - 'Coz This Is Love

Elijah Who - crush on you

Saib - Sweet Love

Mochi - Taste Of Your Love

Rainlord. - You N' I

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