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Music-making is not just a time-consuming hobby - it also likes to keep your wallet quite empty. And while there are musicians making divine pieces using just the bare minimum, once you feel the difference between FL Studio's built-in "FL Keys" and Native Instruments "Una Corda" (basically, both piano VSTs but one free and "OK" and one expensive...

Despite what some people might say, sampling has always been an undeniable part of music-making, since... well... since it got technically possible to sample. But especially when you're an impatient person like me, the process of searching for samples can sometimes get a little frustrating, and even more if you don't even know where to look.

A monthly selection of the "best" beats that caught my ears the most amongst all the past month's submissions is here again! It's always hard to choose just six of them, so this time I finally snapped and added three more, possibly making this a standard for the future post. And here they are, waiting for you, to put your...

Yo, May's here! The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and bees are buzzing everywhere around... and couples are rushing to kiss under blossoming trees dressed up in face masks so they don't catch that crazy virus... and basically love is in the air! And all those things kinda made me inspired to put together...

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