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I'd probably expect that everyone knows what intro and outro are, but how much about the song structure do you really know apart of those two? Would you know exactly where to look in your track when someone gave you feedback highlighting some issues in the chorus or breakdown? If the answer is anything else than a confident "Of course!",...

Discussions about release formats are something I'm seeing more and more often on Twitter and other social media alongside with some general misconceptions of those, and as it has been always a bit unclear to me, too, I've decided to do the research and finally get educated about it!

The first roundup of the best submissions for 2020 is here! There was a lot of new names and first-time submissions as well as a lot of submissions from familiar artists, but eventually, I have managed to pick the usual six "best" beats again (I put those quotes there 'coz as ya'll know, it's highly subjective and to be...

In this second part of "How To Promote Your Music Online", we'll be talking about branding, as this should be one of the very first things for you to figure out in your overall strategy. But first, we should get some things clear: What is a brand anyway and why would you possibly need it to grow as a musician?...

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