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Were you ever curious about what's happening in my head when I'm considering your submission for placement in one (or more) of my Spotify playlists, and how do my preferences generally go with your flow? Well, it's your lucky day today - this blog post is practically a cheat sheet revealing the guaranteed ways of catching my attention and getting...

A monthly selection of the six "best" beats that caught my ears the most amongst all the past month's submissions is here again! It's always hard to choose just six of them and sometimes it's as close as a coin flip, but here they are, waiting for your ears! Big ups to everyone who submitted their beats and congratulations to this month's winners!...

There are so many choices on the VST market nowadays, that just searching for a simple delay plugin can get you completely lost in hundreds, maybe even thousands of results. So I thought it could be interesting to start sharing those plugins that earned their irreplaceable spot in my collection, now being used almost in every single one of...

Who doesn't love documentaries about their favorite genre of music? It always brings a smile on my face when I see one, and this 10 minutes long piece of narrative accompanied by some beautiful moving images is no exception. Add a few spot-on jokes and you have the perfect video to send your friends or family members you want to...

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