The Lo-Fi Player: An Cute Interactive Web Doodle Everybody Can Play With


Despite I am no fan of a mainstream culture, it still kinda warms up my heart when I see that somebody outside the scene notices the genre and builds something interesting around it. So naturally, when I saw the Lo-Fi player, I couldn't help myself not to check it out straight away.

So what is the Lo-Fi Player? At first glance, it looks like a stylish pixel-art drawing of some beatmaker's room with various pieces of musical equipment, electrical appliances and a few pieces of furniture. Once you load the doodle, the simple lofi beat starts playing, and here comes the interactivity into play. Each object in the room can be clicked, having a certain impact on the music. For example, clicking the window changes the view and also the background noise, clicking the bass guitar lets you add a simple bass melody, clicking on the alarm clock let's you mangle with the drums etc. 

Possibly the most interesting part is the main melody that you can see on the little computer screen. The whole melody is artificially generated and in the modal that's brought up when you click the computer you can crossfade between two available melodies. And each time you click that little radio sitting next to the computer, two completely new (and let's say "random" melodies are generated.

Besides that, each piece of the furniture can be also moved in order to create your very own room arrangement, and you can even share your lofi room with other people. Authors of the doode, Magenta, however did not stop there, and made the whole lofi player also available as a YouTube live stream with similar functionality, but rather than clicking the objects on the video (which is not really possible in youtube videos), you can type special commands into the live chat.

Pretty cool, huh? Despite  it's still only a little doodle with no intentions of being a music creation tool, it's fun to play with for a while. I can't help myself though not to think about when someone will make a classic lofi girl themed spinoff, as that would also be really cool.

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