Nine Hazy Beats To Vibe To On 4/20


Lofi hip hop culture seems to be quite interlinked with the cannabis one, and it's no wonder. Those slow, chilled-out beats can go really well with that pleasant high, unleashing the ultimate relaxational combo. And while I could write a whole another blog post on the topic, this one has a bit different purpose. Today, I want to celebrate the "holy" day of all pot smokers, April the 20th. And what's a better way of celebrating such a day than lighting one up and listening to beats that were all directly inspired by this green phenomenon?

potsu - [oops]

Jakaro - Le Smoko Break

Lango - Kicksville

The Deli - NiteJointz

Pao - Maui Waui

Ian Ewing - 4:21 pm

o k h o, Saito - Smokers Zone

[bsd.u] - french inhale

emune - Puffin'

I hope you enjoyed this small selection, and if you still have cravings for more, I've got your back! ;) There's a whole "420 Vibes" playlist that I'm actively curating, and it's dedicated purely to beats directly linked to the cannabis culture (either by the track title or by some sample used). Fun fact - all the beats in this selection were picked directly from that playlist.

And, lastly, here goes a little cherry on top for all the beatmakers who managed to listen and read through this post all the way down here. Did you know that you can actually submit your beats to this playlist? If you think you have beats that might fit in there (e.g. being clearly linked to cannabis culture), wait for nothing and send them my way ;)

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