Submissions temporarily closed

Sorry guys - even I have to take a break sometimes...

It's been a ride since I've deployed the first version of this app (actually it's almost a whole year of non-stop curating), but right now with all that's happening in my life, I'm on a verge of a burnout.

So I've decided to stop taking submissions for a while and take a little break to recover so I can return stronger than ever. Right now I really need it.

At the moment, I don't know exactly when the submissions will be reopened again, but it will take me at least a few weeks for sure. Once I'm ready, I will probably announce the reopening via my newsletter.

Those who have premium credits can still submit tho' - I really appreciate your support guys and I want you to know it. This feels like a nice way to demonstrate my point. (You can use the submit form as usual, it will work for you.)

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If anything goes wrong in the app, please, make a screenshot and let me know via the official contact form so I can look further into the issue ;)