Resources & Links section is finally online


A few days ago, I was once again searching Reddit for threads seeking new music to showcase it via youtube channels or spotify playlists, hoping to spread my music a bit further. If you are a small, independent artist like me, you know how much of pain in the ass that can be. "If only I had an excel sheet with all those various labels and channels so I would know where to send my demos", I was telling myself. "Hell, if only I even had some basic overview of the lofi hip hop scene!"

The truth was I didn't have much time to dig proper deep into lofi scene since I have discovered it just a few moths back, and so I decided to changed it once for all. I fired up Google and started digging and after a few hours of solid work (with a bit of a help of my beloved I finally metaphorically held the desired excel sheet in my hands. But as you probably know, the excel sheets are just ugly as Frankenstein's monsters's mum after a rough night (and generally not suitable for certain data structures), so I decided to take it even further and began putting the gathered data on my web. And after a few days (and many, many spliffs) later, the whole thing was finally finished.

The newly built Resources & Links page features three sub-sections. One that brings together all possible lofi related Spotify playlists, the second is dedicated to Youtube channels pushing quality lofi music, and finally there's the third, biggest section meant to feature all the different lofi labels and collectives. This is the most content-heavy section with all the labels having it's own info subpage consisting of short description, embed soundcloud player, list of all relevent links to various online outlets and a dedicated section for contacting the label.

In this initial phase, there are still some minor things I'd like to fix over time - for example the icons on the label subpages, that doesn't go very well together as I picked them real quick from the different parts of the website, or the often vague descriptions of the labels. God how I hate labels that are unable to have themselves written at least three sentences long bio... I also have some ideas in my mind how to make the lists even better, for example including a visual system that will show you on the first sight if the label is still active, or rather sleeping (or dead).

To be honest, at first I was elaborating over the idea of making some money out of such a precious list of resources, but at the end I thought to myself I should keep it the same way as I keep my music - which means free for everybody. So it does not really matter if you are an artist looking for places to send demos to or just a lofi lover who strives to broaden his horizons with some new, delicious beats - here's the place that will satisfy all of your needs and desires. So make the most of it, and if you ever get rich with help of my resource lists, think of your good friend Pao and maybe buy me a beer ^^

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