Resources & Links

All about lofi hip hop and chillhop, this section of the webpage delivers a truckload of various resources that might come in handy for a lot of aspiring producers out there.

Spotify Playlists

A collection of various Spotify playlists dedicated to lofi music, mostly lofi hip hop. From the big playlists with hundreds of thousands of followers to the smallest ones, this is the place you can find a lot of great new music to listen to.

Labels & Collectives

Extensive list counting several dozens of various labels and collectives related to lofi music. Each label and collective has also its own detail page containing short info about the label, embed Soundcloud player, relevant links and a contact address.

Youtube Channels

A list of various youtube channels that regularly publish lofi hip hop and chillhop music, If you are a musician looking for channels to send out some demos submissions or a casual music listener looking to broaden your horizons a bit, here's the right place to start looking.

Lofi Hip Hop Tutorials

Are you new to lofi music production and not sure where to begin? Or just looking for some handy tips & tricks to level your production up? Then you can try browsing this handy list of youtube tutorials aimed at making lofi beats.

Lofi Hip Hop Blogs

Lofi music and reading are perfect companions. So why not try reading about lofi music when listening to lofi music! Also, if you're looking for places to get some press coverage at, this may help you in finding the right websites.

Submit Your Beats

I personally manage a couple of playlists on my own, each with its different mood or theme. Now I have officially opened a submission form so anybody can reach me with their beats and try to score a placement!