Looking where to submit your beats? Submissions for all my lofi Spotify playlists are from now open!


I found out I love making Spotify playlists aimed at a certain theme - be it a mood, a season, or just a feeling. During the last months, I've built quite a few of them and now I have finally decided to open them all for your submissions!

At the moment, there is nine of them and I plan on making more over time:

As I mentioned earlier, each of those playlists is carefully curated to deliver a certain feeling or mood and I am trying hard for them to not sound like 75436878675x other lofi playlists all featuring the same tunes from the biggest lofi beatmakers (possibly added from Spotify suggestion algorithm). That's also one of the reasons why I way more prefer adding great beats made by small producers still waiting to be discovered by a broader audience, as you just won't find them in other playlists so often. The second reason is obvious - it's the small producers who need the most help in getting their music out there, while the established producers already have a massive following and 6-figure monthly listeners counts.

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Anyway, there are a few things I'd like you to know before you hit me up with your submissions. The first one is respecting the playlist's theme or mood. On the submission page (link follows on the bottom of this article), each playlist has a pretty good description of the vibe it's trying to deliver (which you can also tell by listening to it), so minding that and selecting beats that could in your opinion fit the playlist the best is a very good idea, if you want to have the best chance of having your beats accepted.

I won't accept beats that are too far from the playlists' theme (or if they don't follow a given rule for the playlist, as frequently happens with 420 Vibes), also I do have some quality standards so beats with poor production quality won't get through either. Anyway, if your beat doesn't fit but I like it, I may add it to another playlist where it might fit better, or if I have free time at my hands, I may also go through more of your releases to check them out and eventually add something, too. However, I don't guarantee any of this, it simply depends on how much submissions I will be getting and how much time I will have.

The submission process is, in fact, very simple. On the submission page, you just choose the playlist you want to submit to and then click on the red-colored, underlined hyperlink with an arrow that's sitting under the playlist's description. This will take you to the ToneDen follow gate and once you follow the playlist, it will unlock the submission form for you so you can go ahead and hit me up with all your juicy beats

I was having a hard time deciding if I want to implement this solution, but in the end, I decided to go with it because of one particular reason. From my previous experience, a lot of people submitting simply didn't care about following the playlist, bumping to it from time to time or sharing it to help it grow. A follow gate making the person follow the playlist first seemed like a reasonable thing to do, so if there is some effort from the submitting person to be made, it's the effort to unfollow the playlist instead of following it. The future will show if it was a good decision or not (as there is the possible danger of getting high follower counts without adequate play counts), but you can be sure that I'll be watching the playlists' performance closely and if this proves as a wrong move, I'll redesign the process differently.

There is, however, one downside of this solution I don't like - it will silently make you follow my Spotify artist profile. I did not want it to work like this, but the option to turn it off simply isn't there, and I don't know about any other follow gate capable of following Spotify playlists. So feel free to unfollow me straight after you finish submitting your music if you don't like my beats that much (or you simply don't give a sh*t about 'em). I won't be mad at you, I promise, but it came to me as a fair move to let you know as it's not very obvious.

The very last thing I'd like to say is this - at least if your beats get eventually placed into the playlist, please, share it, share it, share it! Post it on Facebook or Instagram, show it to your friends, email it to your parents, play it to your grandma, show it to your dog... you know the drill! This is the only way how the playlists can grow to reach their full potential in order to benefit all the included artists in the best possible way. Although I am trying to promote those playlists on my own as much as I can, there is only that much I can do before it starts to feel spammy - so your help with sharing the playlists is not just welcomed, but in fact needed, at least if you want them to help you grow your stream numbers as much as possible. It's a win-win situation.

And that is all, my friends. Here's the link to the submission page. Go ahead! And please, be patient. It will usually take me some time (from hours to days) to go through all the new submissions, so if you don't get the answer straight away, don't panic. I'll get to you, too ;)

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