Great Spotify playlists that can give you a nice boost from the start


Looking through hundreds of Spotify playlists in order to find some you could submit your music to can be really time consuming and tedious process with no results guaranteed, so following my last article How to get your tunes placed in Spotify playlists, I have decided to put together a few playlists that helped me to get my first 1k monthly listeners and that could help you guys, too! And not to forget - they're all full of great beats! So, enough word sauce and let's go straight to business:

Sleepy Lofi

Sleepy Lofi was one of the very first playlists I got into and it became immediately one of my favorites. Lately, I got quite used to falling asleep with some calming lofi beats silently playing on the background, and this playlist is just perfect for that. Currently, at some 920 listeners, it's follower base is growing at kinda slow, but steady pace and hitting the 1k mark is a question of just weeks I think (after all, just between writing and publishing this article, it grew by more than 60 followers). The owner of this playlist is Will Reich (going with artist name Soft Eyez) and probably the best way of submitting your tunes is to shoot him a private message on Instagram.

Lofi Hip Hop Chill/Study Beats

You may know this one by its previous name "Make Lofi Great Again" (yes, that's why some of you suddenly can't find it in your saved playlists, haha). A playlist with fanbase of a very similar size to the previous one, however without that explicit peaceful sleepy theme, Lofi Hip Hop Chill/Study Beats features a wide range of lofi beats, carefully selecting tunes by both big and established artists and those small ones who are just fighting for their place on the sun. With submissions it's a similar case - your best chance is to hit Happy Tobi (Tobi Steinlage) up directly via Facebook messenger.

Lofi And Chill

The award for the biggest playlist of this selection goes to Lofi And Chill, currently boasting with almost 4200 followers and growing like mad! Owned by Lofi Vibe, there are some strict (but easy to meet) requirements one has to follow in order to have his/her submission accepted, but it's definitely worth the try. I recommend to visit Lofi Vibe label page in Links & Resources section - the whole submission process is thoroughly described there with a link to an email address dedicated to submissions. Just keep in mind that they rarely reply to emails, so don't wait for the answer, but rather occasionally check your Spotify For Artists - they never actually replied to anything I wrote to them, but they placed my tunes into the playlist nevertheless (and I noticed that by accident when checking my stats).

Stormy Sundays

Stormy Sundays is really a "young" playlist, being around only for a few months by now, but it's definitely one to watch (and follow). His owner, Damon Broussard, is working very actively on promoting the artists and curating its contents (as well as on maintaining and developing related FB communities), so despite having less than 300 followers now, the numbers are growing steadily and in a year, it could get much further. In order to submit your tunes, just follow this link to the official Tsunami Sounds beat submission page.

lofi hip hop & chillhop beats 

Unsignedmusicz is another great project dedicated to showcasing works of talented musicians from all around the world. It operates on a whole lot of different platforms (Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube, Instagram etc), but talking Spotify here, our main interest will be their "lofi hip hop & chillhop beats" playlist boasting with over 3.1k followers by the time of writing this article. The owner of this project, Nino, is a very nice guy with a keen ear for good music, so don't hold yourself back with the submissions and hit that send button under the submission form on the homepage ;)

Another one of my favorites! This is the official playlist of Facebook group, which happens to be what I would say the only Facebook group I really enjoy being in. The reasons behind that are fairly simple - unlike the other Facebook communities, the mods there are working hard on keeping the space free of dickheads, thus resulting in a really lively, friendly and generally supportive group. The playlist itself is managed by Trappola, and a lot of its contents comes from the members of the group itself. Submissions are usually done also via the group discussion, so don't hesitate to join - I'll give you your money back if you're not satisfied... :D 

Summer Lofi Chill

The last playlist of this article goes straight into the "shameless self-promotion" category. Summer Lofi Chill is my very own playlist, and it doesn't have its name just for anything. My ultimate goal is to virtually throw the listener into a hot, summer day, making him think of beaches, palm trees, long drinks and hot babes (or dudes) in a bikini. Also, I rather want to keep the playlist just around 100 tunes that the artists get some exposure (instead of being lost in thousands of other songs). Submissions are possible via the contact form here on the website - just send me the links and I'll get to you when I have some time to go through it (tbh maybe you'll have to wait a bit, I prefer to do it in dedicated sessions, not every day). But remember, this playlist is still in its early stage of life considering the follower count, currently only around 150 followers.

Now I know these are not the biggest playlists in the world, but for a small independent artist, they can be a big help nevertheless. They basically helped me to lift my numbers from lousy dozens of monthly listeners to more than 1500 in a few months and I don't have to tell you how good it feels when you know somebody's actually listening to your music. And even though it's generally a really silly thing for your happiness to be based on a few numbers, as a motivation it can work miracles.

So go guys, choose your best tracks and submit them. And remember - those folks running the playlists are human beings, so act like one, too, and don't push it too hard! :))) Also - don't forget to follow 'em and give 'em a listen from time to Time!

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