Lofi Vibe

The Lofi Vibe is a small collective from Los Angeles dedicated to promoting all the good that underground lofi artists have to offer. The collective has very strong Instagram follower base, however their Soundcloud is hitting just the lower hundereds at the moment. Besides using Soundcloud as an outlet, Lofi Vibe also runs LOFI AND CHILL, carefully curated Spotify playlist, which is being periodically updated with fresh tunes. As the playlist attracts more than 2 200 followers now, being featured can give small artists a nice boost for a moment.


The best way of contacting Lofi Vibe is directly via their official email address. However, if you want to submit your tunes for their playlist, you have to do these things first:

  1. Follow the Lofi Vibe Spotify playlist
  2. Follow the Lofi Vibe Instagram

The email must respect these rules:

  1. The subject of the email must be "Artist Name - Lofi And Chill"
  2. Your Spotify artist profile link and your Instagram handle must be included in the body of the email.

If you have any other questions or requests, just drop 'em a line.