Why does your music on Facebook end up unnoticed and stupid memes get all the likes


So you have just released your brand new, totally mind-blowing single and posted the links all over the Facebook. You're eagerly waiting for reactions, but even thirty minutes later, there are no notifications blinking in the navbar, no likes, no comments under the post... But the guy who posted that stupid, million times rinsed out meme on his fanpage five minutes ago has already 30 likes there. And your new track - still nothing. 

WAIT! Here goes finally a red notification bubble, popping out of the blue like a loud fart in an inapropriate situation. Full of expectations, you click on that red little bastard and... Oh no. Your mom just liked your drunk-ass selfie from a friday concert. F**k! Does it mean your music actually sucks that bad?

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The short answer is a resolute NO!

I have been there a million times. I have experienced the depressions, the self-doubts and the irresistible anger aimed towards all the outright stupid shit everybody is mindlessly sharing and liking on Facebook, whereas my tunes I spent ages working on went on almost unnoticed. I was questioning my production a lot in those cases - until it one day struck me when scrolling through my own feed.

By hoping that people listen to the your tunes you post on Facebook, you are asking them to give you a few minutes of their time and attention - and not everybody can afford it right in the moment they see your post in their facebook feed. Also, there are some other requirements that have to be met in order to listen to the song - for example having your headphones on, or at least with you, and generally having certain kind of setting and mood to listen to music.

I bet you know it too - you probably won't click that link for example when you've just hit play on that new album of Prodigy a minute ago, when sitting on a toilet and killing time on Facebook or when in pub with friends, just casually checking on your feed. 

What you probably will do when sitting on that toilet is clicking those likes under all the possible easily digestible shit-posts your brain can process in one or two seconds by just looking at it - memes included. And there it goes, mystery solved.

This was never about the quality of the music - it's just the way social media work! 

Sometimes you get lucky, you catch a few people in the right mood (and in the right time) with your post, you get some reactions and Facebook algorithms start working, evaluating your post as interesting, showing it to more people. 

And sometimes, well... you know it. 

To be honest, I'm afraid there is not much you can do to change that apart of reminding your fans that they can save those posts for later. So next time you're not getting enough traction with your music posts, before you start questioning yourself again, remember this and save your fucks to give 'em for something that actually deserves it.

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