The most eye-opening video every music producer should see and learn from!


Despite I would probably have a hard time picking even cheesier and clickbait-ier sounding title for this post, in this case, the title is absolutely true - this hour-long eye-opening, myth-busting footage with some serious truth bombs being dropped all around really deserves it. To be honest with you, I can't get it out of my head since the day I saw the whole thing, and I strongly advise you to watch it, too - at least if you're serious with your music.

The author of the video is Garot Michael Conklin, a very talented horn player from NY with a long history on the music scene and vast experience in music production. Being already released on Chillhop Music before, playlisted in Spotify's editorial playlists and having achieved things that other producers still only dream of, Garot brings some really interesting insights to the table, some of which may come quite surprising to you. I will outline just the three biggest points of the video in order to tease you a bit:

  • Even when you're released on a big label or playlisted in Spotify's editorial playlist, you still really have NOTHING in your hands (aside from some bucks).
  • Making good music is just a small part of being a successful independent musician nowadays. You have to also promote your music and do that AS MUCH as you can.
  • Pure organic growth is a myth. Music is a business like any other and you have to approach it like that - with some financial investments in mind, too.

Each of those points is explained in great detail, and it's not just some theory, general tips or universal advice - everything Garot talks about is being demonstrated on screenshots, so you can actually see what he's doing and how he's doing it. That's something I have been missing a lot and I guess I don't have to stress how helpful it gets when the topics are "managing your social media pages in the right way" or "running your own ad campaigns". If I would be naming that video myself, I would have probably called it something like "All the things you wanted to know about how to run your music business but were too afraid to ask". It honestly made me change my mind about a lot of things and I couldn't be happier about that! Anyway, enough blabbering - see it for yourself and be enlightened!

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