Spotify Playlist Submissions - Best Finds 11/19


November is gone and that means one thing - a new Best Finds article on my blog! But to be honest, with every month it's getting harder and harder to pick just a six best beats to fit in the article - usually, there is a bit more of them that I really, really like and I always feel a bit guilty when I can't include them all in here. Anyway, the choices for this month have been made - and if you're watching this series, you can already see some familiar names returning to the winners' bracket with their undeniable guitar skills (yes, I'm talking about you Jav Cast and G R I Z :)), as well as a few new ones whose beats managed to somehow get under my skin :) Congratulations to the winners and big ups to everyone who sent me their beats! And also, a special shout out to everyone who supported me via ko-fi this month - it  really means a lot to me! <3

Immrcy - San Marino

Jav Cast - Departure

Xyla - Latitude

 G R I Z - Sunflower

Book of Kel, Broey. - Begley

Nowyouknow - Have a Good Mourning

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