Spotify Playlist Submissions - Best Finds 09/19


Right now you're probably asking yourself how come I posted the best finds for September when the submissions were offline for the whole month. Well, I admit it's a bit of a low blow, but even though the submission form was closed, people somehow still managed to sneak in a few dozens of emails to me. To be honest, I wanted to delete all of those at first for not respecting my curator holiday, but then I changed my mind and moved them into my "check later" folder, already thinking about this article as I simply didn't want to leave out September completely after just starting this blog post series. At least it wasn't so hard to pick just six beats this time, haha ^^ Anyway, enjoy the listening guys and don't forget to give those playlists a spin, too! 

Oh, and by the way - submissions are still CLOSED at the moment, but watch this space (or my Facebook Fan page) as something rather interesting is cooking up (some of you already know), which in fact means the submissions are gonna be soon opened again ;)

sugarcube - moonlight.

Mondo Loops - Morning Dreams

Ningen & Chill Select - sweet times

Funky Notes - No One

Big O - The Land of Make-Believe

Cloud Professor - Coffee & Benadryl

Loopcloud Music App from

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