Spotify Playlist Submissions - Best Finds 08/19


Another month has passed, filling my inbox with new beats submitted to my Spotify playlists, and as usual, there were some beats that kinda stood out above the others. And even though it was a bit difficult to pick just six of them this time, here they finally are, shining bright in the spotlight. But apart of those, there was a lot of other great beats that also deserve to be heard, so after you check out the chosen ones in this blog post, don't forget to check out those playlists, too! ;)

Carlo Cortezz - A L M O S T

Tundra Beats - Remember Me

Sokon - Eye To Eye

Beats In The Bank - Reminisce

Elsei - North Lake

Glimlip, RINZ. - New Perspective

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Don't forget to check out the playlists as well

Those were only the very best picks, but the whole universe of other great beats awaits you in my Spotify playlists