Nine Chilled-Out Summer Beats to Daydream to


Summer. The hottest season of the year is here and with it comes another themed selection of lofi beats. And even though it doesn't look like much traveling this year due to that whole COVID pandemic thing, at least you can always put these beats on, close your eyes and imagine all those beautiful beaches, long drinks, palm trees, and bikini babes, even if you're sweating in a hot office at the moment. And by the way - don't forget the Summer Lofi Chill Spotify playlist that's just PACKED with chilled-out, laid-back summer-themed beats, that have been submitted by all those talented underground beatmakers ;)

Jinsang - Egyptian Pools

Cosmonkey - Lush

7&Nine - French Riviera

S I M - Ero.S

Pao - Pink Flamingo

Sommer - Beach Day

Philantrope, Psalm Trees - Three Degrees Summer

Jav Cast, Croupnoop - Melted Ice Cream

Big O - Summer in the Park

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