Five great podcasts for independent musicians you can listen to on Spotify


Podcast industry seems to be experiencing a massive boom and with Spotify getting recently into the podcasting game as well, bringing countless interesting shows into the reach of my fingertips, I finally fell for the temptation of trying to get a new habit of regularly listening to podcasts. For a savvy musician, podcasts can be a really nice way of learning some extra knowledge during times that would be otherwise probably spent very unproductively (eg scrolling through your social media feeds during your daily commute), or in entirely "multitasking" fashion (eg listening to podcasts when cooking, lifting weights in the gym, doing chores etc). Either way, there is a lot of really interesting stuff out there that can broaden your horizons in ways you maybe didn't even think of before, so I'd say, podcasts totally deserve their chance, even though if you're not really used to listen to them - which was, in fact, my case, too. And now, look at me - I'm writing a blog post about it.

Here go five podcasts I have chosen to listen to from the start as they felt interesting to me with their selection of topics and interview guests. A lot of valuable food for thought inside, so feel free to check those recommendations out and saving those you like for later, to peep them when the right time for a listening session comes.

DIY Musician Podcast

If you're an independent musician, you have probably heard about CD Baby - one of the biggest players on the digital distribution services' scene. Well, as it appears, they have also their very own podcast, which is surprisingly good. With more than 230 (approximately hour-long) episodes, this show covers almost every possible topic answering the DIY musician's question number 1: How do you actually get your music in the ears of real music fans? 

The Mastering Show

For a lot of us music producers, mastering is a bit of black magic we'd LOVE to understand and harness in order to make our own music sound as good as possible. Learning what is mastering all about and how to do it right can, however, sometimes seem a bit hopeless without a good, experienced mentor. With The Mastering Show, you'll have one of the best mentors in your pocket, ready to teach you a valuable lesson every time you feel like listening to podcasts. The topics of the episodes are really well-chosen, covering most of the questions you may be asking yourself when learning to master your own tunes, and for me, this is one of the personal favorites.

Music Business Hacks

Music Business Hacks is a daily podcast with really short episodes of max 15 minutes of length. Its author, Simon Tam, who is a successful blogger, podcaster, and of course a great musician, sets to supply listeners with an interesting tip, advice, idea or hack on how to level up your game every day. I personally really like the short format, because often I don't have 60 minutes of uninterrupted and focused listening time, and this can really nicely fill some short blank spots in my daily schedule.

The Cymatics Show

Cymatics is another big name on the music production scene. well known for their sample packs, youtube videos, tutorials and a whole bunch of other stuff. Their podcast is fairly new, with the first episode being aired on Youtube just this May (so there are only 14 episodes by now), but it actually feels nice not being overwhelmed by hundreds of episodes to listen. Each episode features an interview with an interesting musician, talking about their life journey and discussing various aspects of their musical career.

Hanging Out With Audiophiles

Hosted by Jamie Lidell, Hanging Out With Audiophiles is another interview-based podcast delving into the heady world of creating music in a modern studio, probing the depths of production and getting tech crazy with mixing tricks, studio skills and equipment. The selection of the guests on this show is rather mindblowing tho - who wouldn't want to get into the heads of people like Bonobo, RJD2, Amon Tobin, Tim Exile or Rag 'N Bone Man?

And what about you guys? Do you have some favorite podcasts I didn't mention in this post? Share your tips in the comments below ;) 

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