How to submit

Please, do not just throw at me your artist profiles and beat tapes, instead try to choose that one, two or three tunes you consider as most suitable for the playlist you are submitting to, keeping in mind the playlist's theme/mood (there are some good tips on the previous page for each playlist, also listening to it yourself helps). If your tune doesn't fit, I'll still probably listen to your other beats as well to pick something else that would fit the playlist better.

You most probably got to this page via the ToneDen follow gate, so I don't have to remind you to follow the playlist (but if not, please, do). But also, at least if I add your beat(s) to the playlist eventually, share it, share it, share it! The playlists won't grow by themselves much, and without you sharing them and more people saving them and bumping to them, artists won't benefit from those playlists as much as they possibly could. So please, show the playlists some love, too! ^^

And that's all. Happy submitting!


I am not sure if I will be able to answer all the emails once this form goes officially live and all the submissions come flooding in, and despite I'd love to, rather don't expect an answer and check your Spotify For Artists from time to time instead, to see if one of my playlists doesn't pop up there!
...but so far so good ^^