Submit Your Music!

My Spotify playlists are waiting for your beats ;)

I found out I love making playlists aimed at a certain theme - be it a mood, a season, or just a feeling. And as the number of my own playlists kept growing, I asked myself why not to make them all public - and all open for your submissions? So here they are! But before reaching for the submission link, please, read the playlist descriptions carefully for the best chance of having your tune accepted.
Also, there are a few words on "how to submit" on the bottom of this page worth checking out first!

Summer Lofi Chill

Perfect beats for a sunny day!

As the name of the playlist suggests, this one is packed with tunes that will immediately make you think of sea waves, palm trees, sand beaches, long drinks and bikini babes (or hot dudes). Long story short, its chill factor is absolutely over the roof, making it a perfect soundtrack for those hot, sunny days, when even the asphalt on the roads is melting. So please consider this when picking your submissions ;)

My Battery Is Low And It's Getting Dark (Sad Lofi Beats)

Inspired by the recent "death" of Opportunity Rover, the NASA Mars probe, I made this playlist and named it after the little robot's last words. It's only the sad beats in this playlist, and nothing else. Depressing, hopeless, making you want to cry, but absolutely perfect when you want to vent those sad feels of yours a bit. If you want to submit for this playlist, your beats must be sad as f*ck, with not a single happy chord.

420 Blaze It! 

Chill beats to relax and smoke weed to

The perfect playlist for those times when you just want to lay back, roll one and enjoy a moment of peace. All the tunes in this playlist are directly inspired by and related to smoking weed - either by something being said in the track or by the track names themselves - it's basically a trademark sign of this playlist. And that is also my rule for submissions. But if it's met, placement is almost granted.

Sleepy Lofi & Chillhop Beats

Falling asleep has never been easier

I guess the title says it all. This is my try at making the most peaceful, tranquilizing playlist that people will crave to listen when they go to bed to help them fall asleep with ease. That kind of playlist that makes you sleepy even when you're listening to it during a bright day. No more sleeping pills or spliffs to get you in limbo, this works better than chloroform! Submitted beats must be as calm as possible.

Late Nite Lofi

Deep and mysterious lofi & chillhop beats

It's after midnight and you are still not asleep? Perhaps you're working on something, studying for exams, or just letting some steam off playing videogames? Then this is just for you - a collection of moody, a bit mysterious beats shrouded with a cloak of darkness, which makes the playlist just the perfect companion to spend some time with till the sun comes up - or your head comes down on your desk.

Safe For Work

Chill lofi beats to get you in the zone

No matter if it's some work or studying what needs to be done, this playlist has everything you need in order to get in the zone and focus on your tasks. It will safely get you through any workday, efficiently turning off outside world for you, and it is best served with a cup of your favorite brew or tea. This playlist is also the most benevolent in terms of submissions as it's not as heavily theme-oriented as my other playlists.

Coffee Table Beats

Jazzy lofi hip hop beats

This is the perfect playlist to listen through your coffee breaks - those lovely moments when the whole world stops so you can enjoy a moment of peace with your favorite brew. Packed up mostly with upbeat, piano-driven jazzy lofi hip hop beats, it guarantees you the most pleasant, chilled-out coffee break experience ever. Don't forget to show this playlist to the staff at your favorite coffee place!

Sunday Morning Vibes

Lofi & Chillhop Beats To Start Your Day With

Who wouldn't love those lazy weekend mornings when there is nowhere to rush to, so you can just enjoy a nice lazy morning in your bed, maybe with a cup of coffee and your favorite book, watching the world slowly wake up for another day, too. This playlist has got the perfect selection of lofi & chillhop beats to help you make your lazy morning as cozy as it can get! When submitting, please check out the playlist to feel the vibe first ;)

Sunset Lofi Vibes

Moody, Deep, Melancholic Lofi & Chillhop Beats

There is something undeniably beautiful at that moment, when the sun's slowly getting lost behind the horizon, leaving the world shrouded in darkness and making a room on the sky for moon and stars to show off their beauty for a while. This playlist, full of slower, moody and melancholic lofi & chillhop beats, tries to capture those deep, internal feelings, which one can experience during a truly magical sunset.

How to submit

As you probably noticed, there is a hyperlink next to each playlist inviting you to submit your beats - and this is at the moment the only way to submit your music to my playlists. The link will take you through the ToneDen follow gate, as I noticed that a lot of people is submitting beats but not that many of them are following the playlists, actively sharing them or bumping to them. I would be forced to set the rule about following the playlist anyway and this seems like a nice idea to guarantee it without any extra hustle (just the curating itself takes a lot of time).

Unfortunately, the follow gate will also make you follow my artist profile on Spotify. This is not how I originally wanted it to work, but ToneDen was so far the only follow gate capable of managing playlist follows and the option to follow the artist who owns them just can't be turned off. So feel free to unfollow me right after you submit your beats if you don't enjoy my music that much (or if you simply don't give a fuck about it). I won't be mad at you, I promise.

One last thing - please, do not just throw at me your artist profiles and beat tapes, instead try to choose that one or two tunes you consider as most suitable for the playlist you are submitting to, keeping in mind the playlist's theme/mood. If it doesn't fit, I'll probably still go over your other beats to pick something else. And please, at least if I add your beats to the playlist eventually, share it, share it, share it! The playlist won't grow by themselves much, and without it, artists won't benefit from them as much as they possibly could. So show the playlists some love, too!

And that's all. Happy submitting!