Premium Submissions: 
All You Need To Know

I know that the info about premium submissions that are available on the submission page is a bit too short and brief, so here's a complete guide to premium submissions, that will hopefully answer your questions, so I don't have to answer emails and Instagram messages :)

Important notice first to prevent any confusion: If I ever speak of a submission app, by that I mean the submission form here on the website. I tend to call it "app" because of the submission form itself in fact being a standalone web application I made that's just embedded into my website. (But in fact, the application lives on a different server than this website). There is no mobile application tho ;)

What are premium submissions and premium credits

Premium credits are nothing more than a digital currency you can buy with a donation. When you have some, you're granted a few superpowers in my submission process:

  1. With premium credits, you are allowed to submit ANYTIME without having to see that annoying "queue is full" message (1 such submission costs you one premium credit).
  2. You are also not limited to only 3 submissions at a time, but you can submit as many tracks as you want (as long you have those premium credits)
  3. Your submission basically skips the queue altogether, meaning I will listen to your track first, before any other "regular" submission that is waiting in the queue
  4. If I accept your track, it gets automatically placed at a random position amongst the first 10 tracks in the playlist. Simply said, your beat gets placed very close to the top of the playlist (or even get that first place if you're lucky).
  5. If I don't accept your beat, I'll at least leave you detailed feedback explaining why I didn't accept it and what could have been done better

If you wanna know more about the submission app itself, I suggest checking out these two blog posts where I've had pretty much explained everything: A brand new submission app finally launched, which means submissions are open again! and The submission web app gets a big update

How can I get (and use) premium credits

  • First, you go to my ko-fi page and buy me a coffee (or 10 if you have a lot of money :))
  • For each donation, ko-fi sends me an email notification. I check my email quite often (dozens of times per day) so it's all I need to find out about your donation
  • So when I find out about a new donation, as soon as I find a moment I go to my website and manually activate the premium credits for you
  • I also leave a response on ko-fi every single time plus as soon as I activate your premium credits, an automatic confirmation email will be dispatched to the email address associated with the Spotify account you used to log in into that submision form
  • As soon as you get that message/email, you can go back to the submission form and once you sign in again, there should be the number of your remaining premium credits shown on the top of the gray box, meaning it's all set and you can start submitting

Note: In a very small amount of cases, I run into trouble when looking up your user profile at the back end of the submission app. When this happens, I try to reach the person who donated and ask him/her for more details so I can eventually find the user profile and top up the premium credits.

What if I run into some trouble?

In case of any issues (app behaving weird, something not working as it should etc). feel free to reach me via my official contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Still got some questions?

Then post your question into the discussion below so everyone with the same question can see the answer once I get to respond to that comment. Or, again, hit me up via that contact form ;)