Pao - Day by Day

You know the hustle. Sometimes you feel like you're on top of the world, sometimes you feel like even getting out of bed has no meaning. But nevertheless, you still get out of that bed every morning and do your thing, because if you don't do it, nothing will change. You just bite the bullet and you keep it real, working on yourself hour by hour, day by day, with your mind focused on your ultimate goal. Because you know that one day you will feel like on top of the world again, and that's something worth fighting for!

Unlock a commented video walkthrough of the project!

Are you interested in how I made this tune? Then I have good news for you-you're just a few clicks from getting all the knowledge you seek!
I have recorded a commented video walkthrough of the whole project and all you have to do to get it is to shoot me a follow on Spotify. That will unlock a secret page with the video for you. And if you guys can make it to 100 follows (currently at 86 so it's not hard at all), I'll make the video public for everyone and add it to the tutorials section here!

Moreover, if I can get there 150 follows (a bit more of a challenge), I will upload the whole project with all the files and make it public so everyone can download it and check out all the details.

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