VST Plugins I Can't Live Without: Glitch 2


There are so many choices on the VST market nowadays, that just searching for a simple delay plugin can get you completely lost in hundreds, maybe even thousands of results. So I thought it could be interesting to start sharing those plugins that earned their irreplaceable spot in my collection, now being used almost in every single one of my projects. And the honorable mention for being the first plugin mentioned in the series goes to (drumroll): Glitch 2 by Illformed.

What Is Glitch 2?

As the name suggests, the Glitch 2 is an effect plugin designed to glitch the shit out of whatever you feed it, spicing up your tune with its wide range of sound-mangling effects.

What can you do with Glitch 2?

Glitch 2 features a sequencer along with 10 different effects for glitching the sound - Shuffler, Delay, Gater, Distortion, Lofi, Stretcher, Reverser, Retrigger, Tape Stop, and Modulation. Each of those effects has it's own set of settings affecting how it glitches the sound, and each one has also it's very own filter section.

On top of that, there are 128 "scenes" (each featuring a separate instance of the sequencer, effects and their settings), which are mapped to midi notes and can be triggered from the DAW's MIDI OUT instrument, or even live by punching the notes in on your keyboard while the track is playing.

The plugin's interface is very simple, straightforward and really easy to understand - you don't need any manuals to understand Glitch 2 at all. Effects are being placed into the grid in a similar manner as you'd draw notes in the piano roll section of your DAW, and of course, you can have multiple effects "playing" in parallel. On top of that, you can use a special "randomize" function to get completely unpredictable results.

What do I use Glitch 2 for?

I personally love to use Glitch 2 on my drums - it can create really interesting rhythmical/sound glitches and variations and also some really unique transitions. However, it can work miracles on basically every sound imaginable, not to mention you can also use it on your master bus to fuck with your whole track instead of fucking with just a single element.

Glitch 2 is available to buy at its manufacturer's official website for $49.95, where you can also download a free demo to test the compatibility with your setup. Btw, if you like this series about VST plugins, I strongly suggest checking out our friends at IntegrAudio for even more tips and tricks on music production and various VST plugins ;)

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