The submission web app gets a big update


I was happy to see that the new submission web app is working smoothly for you guys! Now I've deployed the first big update and here is what it brings. 

The first thing I kinda needed to implement anyway was some kind of mechanism limiting the number of submissions sent over given time period, as people started to send whole beat tapes beat by beat, kinda defying the purpose of the form designed to make people rather choose 1 or 2 top beats from a release and send those. But it was funny to have there the possibility of unlimited submissions available and seeing my theory that it will get abused this way proving itself right quite quickly.

So as you can probably guess, that option is no longer there with submissions now being limited to 3 beats per 24 hours (per artist of course). You can imagine those 3 submissions as tokens - when you submit, the 24hrs "cooldown" starts for that first token and you have two left. Basically that means you can send exactly 1 beat every 8 hours from now till the end of time (or until I change it), which is still a quite reasonable number I believe.

There is also a second limit tho', applying to the length of the queue of submissions waiting to be reviewed. The maximum queue length is now set to 50 submissions and when the queue gets full, the submission form closes itself until there are less than 50 submissions again. This is mostly to keep things reasonable when I am not able to review submissions for a few days, as sometimes, things can go wild pretty fast in my "inbox".

EDIT: And finally, right after finishing this big batch of updates, some people resubmitted the very same beats again after waiting in queue for a few days without a response, so I added one more "protective mechanism" that will now show an error when anybody tries to submit the same track multiple times.

That's not all, though! I have been thinking for a long time if there isn't some way of getting at least something small in return for the crazy amount of time I spend reviewing submissions and maintaining my playlists, and as I have been working on those limiting mechanisms, all the pieces suddenly fell into place perfectly and an idea for a special tier of supporters with some superpowers popped up in my mind.

In reality, that means you can now get yourself a bunch of "premium credits" by buying me a cup of coffee on my page, which will guarantee you some pretty cool perks for your submissions! The first nice perk is that no limits will apply to your submissions as long as you have some premium credits on your account - you can send how many beats you want whenever you want, despite how many submissions are waiting in the queue. But wait - it gets way better! All of your so-called "premium submissions" will be placed on the top of the waiting list, effectively skipping the whole queue, and I'll also try to do my best to review such submissions as soon as possible, with guaranteed feedback on every track. It still doesn't end here though - as you may know (or maybe not), when a submission gets accepted, the app places it on a random spot within the playlist. Premium submissions get a premium treatment tho', meaning that all accepted premium submissions will be automatically placed randomly within the first 10 spots of the given playlist! 

Sounds good to you? I hope so, as I have been thinking really hard how to make this worth those $5 and this is the best I have been able to come up with so far. 

And then there is one more last update - artist profile pages. Unfortunately, by now, it's visible only to me as an administrator, so I can clearly see what has the given artist been sending me and I can also easily see the whole conversation history there. Plus, there is that beautiful shiny button that tops up premium credits for the artist when I click it ^^ Anyway - I am playing with the idea of making the user profiles accessible to everybody (just without that button lol), so even more updates might come in the near future! As usual - stay tuned and keep making great beats (and keep sending them to me :))

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